La nouvelle génération de site dynamique professionnel
La nouvelle génération de site dynamique professionnel
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The ACTIpages offer for 41 Euro TTC/mois
MAXImini imagined and conceived for you the solution
This solution of a high technological quality and a great ease of use , which has as a specificity to separate the contents from the container, thus offering to the users a flexibility and a facility of unequalled update .
Conceived especially for all those who are not experts in data processing , this tool enables you to manage to you even your Internet site in a few minutes, without any knowledge in programming .
Create your site in 3 stages:
  • 1) Sélectionnez design of your site.
  • 2) Indiquez your co-ordinates.
  • 3) Insérez your logo, your text and your images.
  • 4) Bravo, your site is on line.
  • .

    The architecture of your Internet site ACTIpages
    • 1 domain name (your company in com, . Net, org)
    • 1 Reception page
    • 1 company page
    • 4 catalogues pages or services
    • 1 contact page
    • 1 professional telephone directory with your colors.
    • Possibility of adding additional pages (sup. of 15 Euro*/an and by page)
    • Referencing on 5 key words in the directory
    • Free Hot line *
    Functionalities of your platform of management
    • Access by password to the platform of management of your site .
    • Creation and update in line 24h/24 .
    • Access to a bank of designs .
    • Modification of the design (including after the publication of your site).
    • Management of your own advertising control .
    • Modulate of I nsertion of images .
    • Temporary pages to announce that your site is in construction .
    • Outline before publication
    • Platform of referencing of your site on more than one hundred of search engines
    Elaborate modules (in options)
    • Integration of personalized designs
    • Form specific (Estimate, Investigations etc...)
    • Advertising countryside and setting ahead on the network
    • Increase in the answers on our search engine
    Examples of ACTIpages already carried out
    Some one of our many references Actipages parmis 900 customers on this solution : GSI Guadeloupe, la Nova, Actiom, Hôtel Canellabeach, Le Gan Guadeloupe, Café Edouard, Habdaphai .
    . To consult the list of our references for more elaborate sites (gates, sites in electronic trade, search engine etc...) click here
    Subscribe for 41 Euro TTC/mois!
    You register maintaining with our solution without equivalent!
    You will receive a form of subscription to turn over us
    * Subscription one minimum duration old 12 months * Hot Line except cost telephone

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